(Update: MANTRACKER is probably dead in the water) MANTRACKER Is Coming Back! Season 8 Of MANTRACKER Ahoy!



Update June 11, 2014:

It has been over nine months since we heard anything from the Mantracker camp. Unless something remarkable happens, I’m calling it: Mantracker is dead in the water. It’s been right around two years since we’ve had new Mantracker episodes, so I don’t expect to see more. I hope we do, but I don’t think it’s in the cards just now. I’ll update if anything changes.

ORIGINAL POST (Sept. 3, 2013):

On our Mantracker superpost, we strive to answer any and all Mantracker questions. One question that has recently been nagging at Mantracker fans, and at us here at POLARGRIZZ, is “will there be another season of Mantracker?”

It has been over a year since the last new episode aired and there’d been no word on whether Mantracker would ever return.

Well, fear not.

Executive producer Ihor Macijiwsky says the show will be back. “We took some time off to recharge but we are currently negotiating with a U.S. broadcaster to restart the series,” Macijiwsky said in an email.

He went on to say that there will be an announcement (perhaps with further details) in the next few weeks!

I’ve asked Macijiwsky if Chad Savage will be returning in the role of Mantracker in season 8. I’ll let you know what I hear back!

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